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Invest Pension/Provident/Retirement Annuity Money for an Income

Do you need the best advice on:

Investing your lump sum pension payment or retirement annuity maturity value, to generate a monthly income?
Investing your pension transfer money, now you have changed employer?
Investing your money, like an inheritance you have received?

Investing in a lump sum payout to generate an income in retirement, is one of the most difficult and emotional decisions we will have to to do.

How can you trust the financial advisor?
Is the investment secure?
Are there guarantees you won't lose my money?
How much can you earn per month?
How much will it increase every year?
How long will it last?

What happens to your family if you die?
Where do you invest the money to get the best return?
Who will help you monitor the investment to make sure nothing happens to it?

You really need to work with a qualified, fully licensed financial adviser with an excellent, proven track record in the investment industry.

A broker who has built up a significant book of wealthy clients and can prove this to you.
Someone who is committed to your needs and wants and who can maximise your investment results.

If I am someone you can work with, then please contact me now!

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He will interact with you to design your exclusive investment portfolio using recognised, safe and secured investment products -
only with reputable companies guaranteed by the JSE.

Take the worry out of your pension or income generating planning!


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