How Life Insurance covers the loss of Keypersons, Partnerships and Surety's in Your Business.

Business insuranceThe risk of being in business applies not only to trading for a profit, but also to the death or disability of partners or major shareholders, key members and benefit packages that attract and retain good staff.
Business Insurance helps you identify, evaluate and deal with these risks, set up meaningful medical aid and pension benefits to create staff loyalty.

Has your company a Disaster Plan?
Do you have a Strategic Contingency Plan in place?

(This is extremely important for the Sole Proprietor).

The Sole Proprietor.

Your death or disability creates unique problems compared to other business entities. In most cases, you are the business and without you, it stops.
How will your family then live?

Unless you have a certain arrangements to provide for them, they will be destitute! If your will does not state what you wish to happen to your business, it will be closed.
What then?

You can;

The answer to all these threats is...Life Insurance!

The proceeds can be used to provide;

Other Entities

These risks are common to most businesses and the life cover solutions that we use to deal with them are:

1. Keyperson Insurance.

Life insurance that employers take out on the lives of key employees who contribute substantially to the success of the business.
Should a key person die or become disabled, the business will receive the policy proceeds and use them to offset the loss that the untimely death or permanent disability has caused.
It is an effective method of passing the financial risk that relates to the loss of key employees to the insurer. It therefore limits business risk.

2. Buy and Sell Insurance.

Life and disability insurance that business co-owners take out on each other's lives to enable them to buy a deceased or disabled co-owner's share in the business.
An agreement that the various business co-owners enter into among themselves governs the policies. It provides a business with a plan that allows it to continue if one or more of the co-owners were to die or be disabled.

A binding buy-and-sell arrangement funded by a life policy is the only sound way of providing in advance for protection against an event which may disrupt the whole business, guaranteeing ready cash at the right time.
In this way the survivors need not incur any extra commitments.

3. Contingent Liability insurance

Life and disability insurance that a business takes out on the life of an individual who stands surety for the debts of the business.
Should the surety die or become disabled, the insurance policy will provide the funds that are necessary to repay the outstanding debt. This releases the surety's personal estate from this liability.

It serves two important functions:

You may use life insurance products that provide lump-sum benefits or products that are intended to replace lost income.
Another important aspect of treating risk in a business insurance context, is the tax and estate duty treatment of the policies that are used to address the particular needs.

Structured correctly, business insurance policies can qualify for substantial tax concessions.

Staff Benefit Packages.

In today's competitive labour market, a well-designed and rewarding benefit package ensures that you attract and retain quality staff.
Take care of your employees and they'll take care of you. In fact, a good benefit package can make or break a deal. A large number of people consider employee benefits a decisive factor when evaluating job opportunities.

I offer an invaluable added service of coordinating the ongoing administration of any product, between your company and the product provider.

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