Qualified Second Opinion from a Financial Adviser and Insurance Broker

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How do you choose a financial adviser when it is so vital that a relationship of trust be built up?adviser
You need to ask questions of whomever comes to see you.
And make sure they are licensed!

Will s/he give quality advice and professional service?

Is your Broker/Financial adviser worth his/her commission?

You may regard this as none of my business, however I would appreciate you reading further before reaching that conclusion.

Do you feel you have you been sold a commission based investment only?

The way an investment is structured can greatly affect your return and what is paid in costs.
Are you sure your adviser has your needs at heart?

You need me!

Why? Because I can offer you what you want.
I am an independent brokerage of some twenty-five years standing.
I offer unbiased and objective advice on all aspects of personal wealth creation and protection.

I am fully licensed with the Financial Services Board and have attained all the necessary accreditation required.

So, if you need advice with what you have, or are a first time buyer - please call me.

Retirement Planning.
Providing your Income and Growing your Capital in Retirement.
Ensuring both you and your loved ones are not destitute in the event of Death or Disability.
Planning your Estate.
Medical Aid and much more.

Both Individuals and Corporates.

My loyalty is to YOU, my client - for without YOU, who am I?

I guarantee you the personal, no-nonsense service YOU deserve.
Pick up the phone and I will be there. You will not be a number!
My commitment to you - is excellent service.

A second opinion costs nothing, yet without it, may cost you a lot!
TOGETHER we will build a personal financial plan to reach your goals.

Being ethical is professional, but the gesture goes beyond the mere compliance with law.
It means being comple honest concerning ALL FACTS.
It means more than merely NOT telephoneling lies because an incomplete answer can be more deceptive than a lie.

Use me!

If you would like assistance with your Personal Wealth Creation Planning, then PLEASE CONTACT ME TODAY.

I am registered with the FIA, Masthead, Council for Medical Schemes.
I offer a highly personalised, unbiased and objective service of an extremely high standard.
I would appreciate the opportunity of doing business with you or your company and as such place myself at your service.

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