Need a Medical Aid Plan?

It has never been more important to, at the very least, join a BASIC MEDICAL AID!!!

It is a basic necessity for anyone living in South Africa and most medical aids offer such entry-level plans.
Regardless of your income level, there is always a hospital cover plan that will suit you.


You may be young or old, employed or retired, but irrespective, you need to think of joining a healthcare scheme today! We do not know when we may suffer from an accident or illness.

If you have no healthcare plan, you are at GREAT RISK of being treated in a sub-standard clinical facility or ending up with debts that will take you years to pay back.

However, by paying a small amount every month, you can prevent these from happening!
You can afford PRIVATE hospital care.
You can address that stress you suffer worrying about the risk of having to go to hospital.

What about out-of-hospital costs?
Dental treatments can be very expensive. And what about physiotherapy or kidney dialysis?
These costs can be huge.

Do you have the money to pay for treatment in an emergency? And if you do, what other living costs will suffer when you have to pay for these bills?

Fortunately, there are plans that will pay for both in and out of hospital costs AND THEY DO NOT COST A FORTUNE!

Because these plans are low cost does not mean you get low benefit either!


momentum ingwe medical aid plan

This is a network plan with premiums based upon your income.

That means that you are required to use hospitals and day-to-day providers who are linked to them.

It is also a plan that provides affordable access to entry-level cover with PREMIUMS BASED UPON YOUR INCOME!

And, depending upon your choce of providers (full freedom of choice or listed providers or even the state) you can get discounted premiums as well!

It offers in hospital:

  • no overall annual limit, and all in hospital accounts and related costs (from admission to discharge) are covered.
  • procedures/treatments, done outside of admission to hospital.
  • Network providers, cover chronic treatment for 26 conditions, according to Chronic Disease List in Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

Day-to-day benefits, like:

  • no limit for Network GP consultations.
  • Listed prescribed medicines paid.
  • non-network GP, or casualty or after-hours visit.
  • specialist visits per family per year.
  • dental benefits like fillings and x-rays.
  • physio treatment.
  • eye test and formulary frames.
  • Listed blood tests.
  • Listed x-rays.
  • PMB MRI and CT scans, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP), whole body radioisotope and PET scans.
  • programmes for Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV/Aids, Oncology, Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, Chronic renal failure, Organ transplants, Cholesterol.
  • 24-hour emergency health advice.
  • Emergency evacuation in South Africa by Netcare 911

ALL FROM AS LITTLE AS R 455 pm!!! (Depending on your income)

Preventative care benefits with network providers, give you preventative care and early detection dental consultations, Pap smear (pathologist) and GP consultations, general physical examinations (GP consultation), prostate specific antigen, blood pressure tests, cholesterol and blood sugar tests (finger prick tests), height, weight and waist circumference measurements.

A excellent Maternity programme offers antenatal visits (Midwives, GP or gynaecologist) , nurse home visit, urine tests (dipstick), 2 growth scans.

And Corona-virus is covered!

COVID-19 tests will be paid by the Scheme, regardless if the result is positive or negative, provided that:

  • the member meets the criteria for COVID-19 screening
  • is referred for testing by a registered healthcare practitioner
  • the test is conducted by a registered pathology laboratory (in accordance with NICD guidelines)
  • the member contacts the scheme for authorisation for the test.

If you want the finest medical care when you need it, then you certainly need a basic medical aid plan!

This is a medical aid you can trust.
Do your own research and see what I am stating here!
Speak to me. I am a qualified and licenced broker.

Get your quote and join today and stop taking extra risks for you and your loved ones in these uncertain times.

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You must consult the schemes/company product brochures and rules for comprehensive benefit descriptions.

income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability STOPS your income?

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Last update: May 6, 2021


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