Medical Aid Schemes

Medical schemes in South Africa that we work with.

There are many medical aid schemes for you to consider, BUT the chances are if you start to investigate them you will get very confused. So, contact me for help!
Let's investigate where you are today and discover some South African scheme options to you. Believe me, your medical aid is going to cost a fortune next year!

I don't charge an added fee for members we work with! You will pay the same as you would if you went direct to the medical scheme. I have a team in each medical company, there to help my members always!
And we can assist you with all aspects of your financial life, from life insurance to retirement plans. Education plans, unit trusts and other investments.

All I ask is that you use us from the get go or, appoint my brokerage to your plan. JUST TRY US!

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Look at these Medical schemes in South Africa ...

FEDHEALTH - The Best In-Hospital benefits!

COMPCARE STUDENT - affordable student rates!

DISCOVERY HEALTH - Market-Leader with the excellent Vitality gym subsidy!

MOMENTUM HEALTH - Your health is Your Wealth!

MOMENTUM STUDENT - The Best, Affordable, Low Premium Medical Cover for Students.

MEDSHIELD - mostly traditional plans with defined benefits!

RESOLUTION HEALTH- Superb benefits at a reasonable cost!









TOP UP PLAN - Buy a cheaper medical plan and Boost your Benefits!

Use my services. As an independent medical aid adviser, I promote many companies and can find the best plan to suit your needs.
I am accredited with the Council of Medical Schemes and am in a position to give you the best advice.

The last thing you need is a shortfall when you are trying to recover!

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