This cheap, premium hospital plan offers unlimited hospital and essential dental benefits - all in one plan!

The cost of a Medical Aid plan is frightening! And it is not going to improve!
We all need some way to afford the high cost of private hospitalisation and expensive day-to-day treatments.

hospital plan
This is an affordable and ideal way for healthy single members, families and pensioners to afford good, private healthcare cover!

There are 2 main areas of high cost we need to cover - private hospital and day-to-day dental costs. (Doctor and chemist bills are normally manageable and can be self-funded.)

Your healthcare plan must cover these essential areas:

  1. Private hospital treatment. All accounts from admission to discharge, to be paid in full.
  2. Intensive, general and high care wards of a private hospital, day clinic or even the recovery room charges of an unattached operating theatre.
  3. Specialists and Doctors who work in the hospital must be covered.
  4. Surgical procedures done in doctors’ rooms.
  5. Longer-term treatments like Cancer, Stroke, Organ transplant
  6. Emergency pre-hospital treatment, evacuation and transport
  7. Chronic medication
  8. Any provider, NOT forcing you to use a network provider.
  9. Very limited procedure co-payments.
  10. 24/7 medical helpline service.
  11. Essential dental treatment paid by the plan!


dental hospital plan

This plan meets all the above needs and has cover for essential dentistry treatments!

  • 3 dental oral examinations,
  • 6 fillings,
  • Tooth extractions,
  • 6 plain x-rays for conservative dentistry,
  • 2 root canal treatments,
  • Limited crowns, dentures or bridges, surgical removal of bony impacted wisdom teeth,
  • Scale and polish,
  • A Dental implant.

We do not know of another hospital plan that offers these benefits!

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There are 2 Genesis in-hospital plans, one pays at medical aid rates, the other at 2 times medical rates, with higher benefit limits and no co-payments.!

However, private providers can charge what they want, often up to 5 times these rates!

So, you do need to consider adding the separate Gap cover and Top up plan (R400 pm) to get unlimited private hospital cover, paying up to 5 times medical scheme rates.

Helps to prevent in-hospital claim shortfalls and procedure co-payments!

special premium hospital plan

If you join Genesis, you will have the finest hospital plan, that pays dental costs as well from as little as:

Single - R 1,340 pm

(Leading hospital plan requires R 2,449 pm!)

2 Adults - R 2,680 pm

(Leading hospital plan requires R 4,380 pm!)

Family of 4 - R 3,560 pm

(Leading hospital plan requires R 6,340 pm!)

For FULL in hospital benefits consider adding a TOP UP PLAN from R 284 pm

Now tell me you can beat this deal!


special premium hospital plan
Our greatest threats from medical costs are with private hospitalisation and dental care.
And Genesis pays both of these from the plan itself - not from your savings!

The 2018 annual GTC Medical Aid Survey rated Genesis as one of the most successful medical schemes in South Africa, as measured by solvency, net healthcare results, average age of beneficiaries, membership size and growth, as well as compliments and complaints!

The scheme is self-administered and along with prudent risk management, they have had the lowest contribution increase of all open schemes for 9 consecutive years with an average of 4.9% for 2021!

Its strong financial position demonstrates beyond a doubt that the Scheme has a very high ability to settle claims.

Rates for children are also, considerably lower than other medical aids!

A Smartphone app and electronic membership card gives you and your entire family 24/7 access to your electronic membership card and other important information.

Access to the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre for the management of any medical emergency, such as emergency pre-hospital treatment, evacuation and transport (including inter-hospital transfers) within the Republic of South Africa, when using ER24, as well as a 24/7 medical helpline service for medical related enquiries.

You must consult the schemes/company product brochures and rules for comprehensive benefit descriptions.

top upPrivate provider fees are not regulated and many can charge up to 500% of the medical scheme rates!

Some plans pay claims at 200% or 300% of medical aid rates, offering you a lower claim shortfall, but these are more expensive.

Increasingly, plans also have procedure co-payments, which you have to fund.

You are strongly advised to consider a GAP or TOP UP insurance plan to address these threats.

This separate insurance plan will cover most in-hospital claim shortfalls and scheme co-payments.

By adding a Top Up plan you can improve your medical aid benefits, so-much-so, that you can even consider joining a lower cost/benefit plan - with a lower premium - and still have an excellent, no risk medical aid for virtually the same premium as the higher medical aid!


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You must consult the schemes/company product brochures and rules for comprehensive benefit descriptions.

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income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability STOPS your income?

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