If healthcare is such an important part of life, why is it so complicated?

With so many generic terms and unexplained processes, it is not surprising many people either don't join a plan or are so confused around what is and what is not covered.

This Blog is designed to answer concerns you may have and to offer you my services

How Much Medical Aid Costs in 2020

What do You Consider for Your 2021 Medical Aid Plan Option?

The cost of a healthcare is huge. Here are ideas on what you can do in 2021.
How to keep your costs down, yet have the best medical cover you can afford!

You should, at least, join an in-Hospital only benefit plan to cover your greatest threat of high medical costs at a very affordable premium.

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can't afford medical insurance

Can't afford Medical Aid Premiums?

Why not consider an In-Hospital only benefit plan?

If You Cannot Afford a full Medical plan, then consider an In-Hospital only plan and cover your greatest threat of high medical costs at a very affordable premium.

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nhi and your medical schemeThe National Health Insurance Bill and Your Medical Aid.

NHI and your Medical scheme – What some leading commentators are saying.

Whilst the bill is in line with the government’s constitutional obligation to provide quality universal healthcare for all, this bill is causing much debate.

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Do Not Cancel Your Medical cover.Do Not Cancel Your Medical Aid.

Why you shouldn't cancel your medical cover.

If you are considering stopping your medical plan and saving that premium to self-fund your own cover … THINK AGAIN!!!
Having no medical aid is a disaster!

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why medical aid is goodThe GOOD NEWS about Medical Aids

Where is the GOOD NEWS about joining a medical scheme?

Why is it that most of the information about healthcare insurance is so negative and designed to create a feeling of fear if you are not a member? That without a plan, you are going to land up in a government hospital and never return home again! That without a plan, you will never get quick, professional medical treatment! If you don't have cover, then your teeth will never be fixed!

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why you need medical coverWhy do I Need a Medical Aid?

Reasons for joining a healthcare plan in South Africa!

Poor public healthcare and the need to go for private care, is the main reason you need reliable and affordable medical cover! Government hospitals are not an option for healthcare treatment. But, private healthcare is expensive.

Receiving care in a private hospital if you’re ill or in an accident can end up costing hundreds of thousands of rand.
To pay for private care, you have no choice but to have a medical insurance!

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10 tips choosing medical aid10 Best Tips on How to Choose the Right Medical Aid

The steps you need to take before joining a plan.

What you should be aware of before you choose a medical plan. How to select the right plan, that comfortably suits your needs and pocket. What is the best affordable medical aid in South Africa? Tips on what should you look for when looking for healthcare funding plans?

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11 Best Ways to Reduce your Medical Premium11 Best Ways to Reduce your Medical aid Premium

Easy and effective ideas to make your healthcare cover affordable.

Are you, like so many medical scheme members, struggling to meet your premium?
Maybe you feel you can't afford to keep your medical cover?
These 11 ways to reduce your premium are your answers managing your healthcare cover!

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Best Medical plan Idea for 2020Best Medical Aid Idea for 2020

Best idea to secure the finest private hospital and dental cover.

What are the best ideas to control the cost of medical cover in 2020? We are all only too aware of the high cost of medical cover in South Africa. And high premiums in 2020 are no exception. Many people are considering self-insuring for medical expenses. However, this method exposes them to a great financial threat!

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3 Reasons Why this Medical Scheme is the Best3 Reasons why we claim FEDHEALTH is the best Private Healthcare Medical Aid!

  1. You get unlimited in-hospital cover at any hospital you choose!
  2. You choose what day-to-day savings you need and can afford. And you only repay these savings when you use them!
  3. It is the only medical aid allowing you to control your premium!

A medical plan is only the best if it suits most of your needs. And that is a very subjective decision, as we all have different needs and wants!

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3 Reasons Why this Medical Scheme is the BestDo I Need a Hospital Plan in South Africa?

If you want to be able to afford the finest of medical care when you need it, then you certainly need - at least - a hospital plan.

If you can self-fund your day-to-day costs then a hospital only benefit plan is an ideal alternative to consider.

  • All plans offer unlimited in-hospital cover at any hospital you choose.
  • They pay in-hospital ward, theatre, specialists, physio, medicines, MRI and CT scans and more.
  • Emergency treatment and transport.
  • Certain chronic medicines.
  • They do have "added benefits" to differentiate themselves.
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Why Treat Coronavirus Like a Flat Tyre!Why Treat Corona-virus Like a Flat Tyre!

You never drive your car without carrying a spare wheel, because the risk of getting a puncture is real.

Well, the risk of contracting Corona-virus is just as real. BUT, it is far more serious than getting a puncture!

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