income protection

Income Protection. Insure your Ability to an Income and Salary.
Protect Your Greatest Asset - Your Ability to Earn Money.

Without money - YOU HAVE NOTHING!!
If you cannot work (even for a short period), because of a serious illness or injury WHAT WILL YOU DO?
Who will you have to rely on? And how will they feel having to support you? Maybe for the rest of your life?
Why not ensure your income will continue if you can't work?

You insure your car, your house and your personal contents, BUT DO YOU INSURE THE WAY YOU WERE ABLE TO BUY THESE THINGS?


Consider how much your future earning is worth...
If you are 30 years old and earn R30 000 per month, increasing at 6% every year - you could earn MORE THAN R 40 MILLION up to age 65!
That is SERIOUS money!

Every person earning a living should have INCOME PROTECTION.
It does not matter how old you are or what you do.

Income Protection is easy to understand.

Start Protecting yourself and your family TODAY!

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Income Protection made simple!

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