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Managing a Debt Crisis - Advice on starting your plan.

Are you just paying off debt and never seem to have any money left over for yourself? Do you leave those letters unopened and screen your calls?

Well, you know that only makes matters worse. You know it is only costing you more and more in interest.
And if you leave it long enough, you get blacklisted.
Not what you want to ever happen! It's robbing you of your peace of mind.
Yes, you may win the lottery, but so can 14,000,000 others!NO, only by confronting your problems now and setting up a basic plan you start to can turn things around.
You need to Manage Your Debt to avoid a crisis!

Identify the Problem.You can't solve your problem, if you don't know what it is!
But most people try to do just that. They'll say the problem is, they just need more cash.
But that is not the answer. You need a plan of action.
Start by answering;

You may not want to answer these questions, but you will feel better once you do.
And hopefully, your situation may be better than you think!Think of Solutions.

Write down anything that you can think of - even if it seems silly or impossible. Let your brain reach for ideas.

Now Choose a Solution.

Go through your list and cross off those that are not realistic. You may have more than one answer left and that's okay as long as you move in one direction.
Don't criticise yourself if you have some answers that you should have done a long time ago.Take Action!Start TODAY.

Focus on one solution and work on getting it going.Evaluate your Plan.

Did you solve the problem? If you did not, then chances are you have not identified the problem. Don't go back and try think of solutions. You must identify the problem first.

Here are some ideas to get that extra cash you want;

If you have a DEBT concern, please contact me today.

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income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
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