Financial advice for South African's Living Abroad

Expat adviceAre you a South African who is either working or living overseas?
If you are then you know that your lifestyle brings with it not only great possibilities, but also great concerns.
And it is with your concerns, that I may be able to help.

Working Abroad.

Well, I can help!

It is easy to make sure that your family in South Africa will be financially protected in the event of a life-changing event that may affect them.
If you have access to email or fax, we can plan for you
And you should make sure they are protected in Rands - for that is what they will need.
I can help you invest in protection for them, back home in SA.
By buying financial protection in rands and paying in the currency you are earning, you really get a good deal!

It may be that you have already provided financial protection for your family back home.

If you have any concerns like this, please call me.

Living Overseas.

Are you in the position of so many emigrants, where you have blocked rands sitting in South Africa?
Are they invested or in bank accounts?
How hard are they working for you?

As an investor, living so far away, you have added concerns when it comes to your money.

Please call me with any concerns. Together we can start on a plan for you.

expat financial adviceA major concern for South African's abroad is that of trust with an adviser.
There is no way, other than by time and experience, that trust is built.
However, through the Financial Services Board and new legislation, the industry is going through major changes.
It is a profession you can now trust, certainly if you deal only with licensed advisers. I do have a license, product accreditation and above all, the honesty and integrity to assist you address this concern of trust.

I do not need access to any of your funds. I do not handle hard money at all.
I only deal with companies who have the highest credibility and are listed with the FSB.Interested? Then please contact or email me NOW!!

Life Insurance
Disability, Income Protection
Retirement and Pension
Investing and Saving
Education Plans
Medical Aid

income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability STOPS your income?

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