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It is a sad fact of life that the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to reconsider our mortality.

And that means seriously considering the value of Cheap, Affordable Life Insurance!

Whilst very few people will die from the actual virus, all the other reasons for Life, Disability and Dread Disease insurance are still there!
All we are hearing is "Covid-19 ... Covid-19",yet nothing has changed with regards to the vital need for life cover BC (Before Covid).

So, congratulations if you have finally decided to seriously look at the benefits of getting that life cover you know you need!
This page is designed to help you decide what type and how much life insurance you may need.

Everyone of us needs Life Cover at some stage in our lives - especially:


young singleAre You Young and Single?

1. Do you have any Debts like signed contracts in your own name, education contracts, credit card, car and employment? Or loans from family members or friends?

If you do, you need life cover because you cannot allow those who are close to you to suffer financial loss by paying these debts off - if something happens to you - especially if they stand good for you as guarantors!

2. Are there others who Rely upon you for a Living, like retired parents or a disabled sibling?
You need to protect their futures if something happens to you.

3. Do you have a Business with Partners? You (and your partners) need life insurance to protect one other should someone die or be disabled and cannot continue to work. Replacing those lost skills can be a very expensive exercise and life cover is the only way to immediately provide the finance you all will need.

4. Do you want Lower Premiums! Buying insurance to cover life-changing events such as death and disability may be the last thing on your mind when you are young, but later in life you will realise that it really is the best time to buy risk cover.
Premiums increase with age and you will not get a better premium than when you buy ... today!

Life insurance will always form the cornerstone of your future financial planning and the younger and more healthy you are when you start - the more easy it is to get cover and the lower the premium will be.

You are also at higher risk when you are young, as you are way more active. In fact, research show the death rate peaks for those between 20 and 34 years of age!

5. Do you have a family history of Health Issues? If your parents suffer from heart illness, diabetes or other hereditary conditions, you better invest in cover while you still have no symptoms! Once you are diagnosed with those conditions, you may never be able to buy life cover or it will be so expensive!
Please protect your future inseparability while you can!

6. At Least have a Small Policy - just to pay for end-of-life costs like a funeral and income tax!
You prevent any family members suffering financially when having to sort out your affairs.
And you will not leave them to pay your debt through a reduced or no inheritance!


Who will look after you then?
And how will you feel having to rely on someone else paying for you?
You certainly need DISABILITY or INCOME PROTECTION cover!

millennialAre you a Millennial?

All these people and commitments will need to be sorted out should something happen to you.

So, you need life, Income Protection and Dread Disease cover!

It is a morbid subject and you are healthy and enjoying your best life, too busy living for today and will consider life insurance tomorrow!

But don't kid yourself as life does not stay that way. It changes and can do so extremely quickly if something tragic happens to you.

You carry a spare tyre in your car in case you need it. Well, the same analogy applies with life cover - carry a policy in case those you love (and yourself) need money!

Life insurance provides financial security for the people you care about, in the event something happens to you.
Just because you’re single, does not mean that nobody would be left in the lurch if you were not here.

Social fundraising only goes so far. Turning to "GoFundMe" if things go awry in your life is a long shot. Going viral is really slim and social fundraising sites will take their cut, as will SARS - with absolutely no guarantee about how much — if anything — will be raised!

You’ll never be younger than you are today and for most of us, the younger (and healthier) we are and the lower or premiums!
Now is the best time to get cover, because if you do fall seriously ill or suffer significant injury later, it will make it tougher (if not impossible) to get life cover at all!

Every hour someone buys life insurance but never lives to pay the 2nd premium!
So don’t delay - START TODAY!

I have very affordable premium cover for you to investigate!

marriedAre you a Married Couple?

You're committing to another human being! For richer or poorer!
Now you really need a Financial Plan for without one, both you and your loved one can unfortunately face debilitating poverty - and I am being serious here! Life throws many a curved ball at us!

If either of you passes way too soon, there will be dire consequences for every asset the 2 of you have accumulated in life - especially those that you still owe money on.
That can mean extreme financial hardship for the survivor.

And the ONLY way to instantly provide the money needed to keep that lifestyle you both work so hard for - is life insurance!
It is the only way to guarantee a known amount of money at an unknown time! It may not prevent you from dying (or being disabled), but it will keep your plans from dying along with you!

And that security for someone you love and are prepared to spend your life with is immeasurable! And that goes for for you as well.

new parentsAre you New Parents?

Along with all the points above, you now have other, precious human beings to take care of, now and into the future!

Life and disability insurance is now vital, for all of you!
Please remember that disability places a bigger financial burden on a family than death, because not only does your income fall away, but living with a disability is also extremely expensive.

As a parent or pregnant family, having life cover in place is non-negotiable.

If you become disabled, critically ill or if you pass away unexpectedly, your life cover will ensure that your family is financially taken care of.
Your children will not lose a home - and school friends when they have to change schools - along with losing a parent.
The worst time for a family to become a single income family, is when a parent dies. They lose once both parents, one permanently and one to work.

I have never had a surviving parent say the deceased partner had too much life cover.

divorceStarting Over?

Unfortunately, not all families remain intact throughout an entire lifetime. In the event of a divorce (result of a divorce decree), remarriage or the addition of children or stepchildren later in life, life insurance needs may change significantly.

empty nestEmpty Nesters?

Once the kids become self-dependent, you may feel the need to reduce your cover and invest the "saved" premiums?

However, protecting your income is as important as ever now, along with final expense protection for any outstanding debts.
It’s also key to remember that each spouse should have a life insurance policy, regardless of who makes more money.

Talk to me your concern. I will reply with an answer as soon as I can.

retired Retirees?

We do not have a social security system in South Africa and unless you have large pension capital invested, life insurance can be critical in securing the financial future of the surviving spouse.
It can also be instrumental for estate planning regarding last expenses and inheritance.
Naturally, you both need cover- to protect the survivor.

life insurance

Are these some of the "NO need for life insurance" excuses that apply to you?

  • It’s too expensive.
  • Just meeting your daily living costs, is an expensive exercise!
    But, consider your family trying to live without your income. Now that is a real threat to you all!

    Life insurance is not nearly as expensive as you may think. Yes, you really can get a good policy for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee!

    Try us and see how little it will cost ...

  • I'm strong and healthy!
  • I am not at any health or lifestyle risk and don't need life insurance.
    Then why do you carry a spare tyre in your car?
    It's the same type of thinking - something can happen to you TODAY. And it may not even be your fault!
    We live in a violent country. You cannot be sure you will not be harmed. You cannot be that sure of staying healthy.

    So, my advice is get a small policy today - you can always increase it as your life changes.

  • I have life insurance from work.
  • That's great, but don't be fooled into thinking it will be enough for your loved ones - it won't!
    1 or 2 times your annual salary, isn’t as much as you believe think it is. It sounds like a lot of money, until you seriously look at what money your family needs over a longer term.
    And if you change jobs or go on your own, you lose the cover!
    You will feel a lot more secure with your own policy!

    You may say "I don't need it", but can you say "my family won't need it?"

  • I don’t have kids.
  • Maybe so, but if you have anyone who relies on you and would suffer financially from losing you - then you need life cover!

  • I'll get the policy I so need … eventually.
  • What if this is the last email you read? Don’t let your “eventually” turn into your loved ones’ “if only.”

    It is worth around 9% of your salary to live in your own house.
    Is it not worth another few percent for a premium, to ensure your family can always live in it?

    Life insurance premiums are determined using:

    Marital status
    Whether you smoke
    Health (your current health, your weight, your family medical history)
    Job (some professions carry a higher risk than others and may mean you have to pay more each month)

    You could get this cover for as little as R 200 per month, depending on your individual details.

    Yes, for less than the cost of a coffee a day, you can secure your family's financial future if you are not here.

    AgeMale Female
    30 1,200,0002,300,000
    40 1,000,0002,000,000
    Not guaranteed and depend upon your quote result.

    If you are concerned about life insurance medicals, you can always look at Accidental Life Insurance cover, because there are no medical tests with this type of policy! 55% of claims are due accidents, so it is not a waste of time to consider this cover.

    cash back from your life policyCash Back from Policies

    Be careful choosing insurance that offers you cash back or retirement proceeds.
    Not only will you pay higher premiums - after all it is your money that pays for the future cash value anyway, not the insurance company - but as your life insurance risks change over time, you may well find that policy is so expensive in your later years that you cancel it and lose out!

    And, on a claim, the cash value is NOT added to the sum assured of the policy!

    I can show you a series of products that provide comprehensive cover against a wide range of risks.
    You can tailor your cover to suit your individual needs and circumstances at your different life stages.

    Protect your family's lifestyle should you pass away.


    Everyone will need life cover at sometime.

    It is a not question of if you need life cover, but rather 'how much life cover you’d need to maintain your standard of living at that time'.

    You must address these risks that you and your family face in life:

    1. If your loved ones depend on your financial support for their livelihood, then life insurance is a must, because it replaces your income when you die.
      This is especially important for parents of young children or adults who would find it difficult to sustain their standard of living if they no longer had access to the income provide by their partner.
    2. Do you want to leave an inheritance?
      Even if you don’t have any other assets to pass to your heirs, you can create an inheritance by buying a life insurance policy and naming them as beneficiaries.
    3. To pay off debt. If you do not have life cover, your estate will have to settle all your debts on death. And that will reduce or prevent anyone getting an inheritance or the financial support they so need.
    4. To make sure that your children will be able to have the finest education you can give them - especially of you are not there to provide for the fees.
    5. To make sure your family will not lose their home if they have to sell it to survive because you are not able to provide funding for the bond.
    6. Peace of Mind. Death is an uncertainty, but it is going to happen. Make sure your family is protected should you no longer be here.

    An accident or illness can rob you of your income-generating potential.
    Who will have to look after you (and your family) if you can't work?


    Do you need a cheap, low premium Life Policy?

    How much life insurance do you really need and are you are getting the best deal?

    Use our years of experience and get the RIGHT ADVICE!

    Given these direct threats to you and your family, why have you delayed getting Life Insurance and Disability cover?

    Maybe you don't know how much cover you should have?
    As a minimum, you should have 6 times your annual salary as cover.
    If you earn R 300, 000 a year, you should have cover for at least R 1,800, 000.
    And salary protection for at least R 20,000

    Not having enough life cover is just as dangerous as having nothing at all.

    Do yourself and your loved ones a favour... get a quote now.


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