The Benefits of a Life Insurance Policy.

The modern Life Insurance policy offers so much! From life Insurance to Retirement Provision.
You can add what you want - when you want it. No hassle!
You pay only for what you need. And pure risk benefits (as opposed to traditional life policies) don't waste money on hidden benefits.

Here is a guideline as to some of the benefits YOU can have....

life insuranceLIFE INSURANCE

Whole life cover is the most popular form of life insurance.
As long as you pay the premiums you have cover.
You can increase the amount of cover to meet the effect of inflation.Another form of this cover is a Family Income Benefit.
If you feel your dependants may not be able to look after a lump sum of cash, this is an answer.
Proceeds payable on your death are paid as a regular monthly income, not as a lump sum.
Alternatively, you could consider a trust to control the proceeds payable.
You buy a term of cover. If you die during this term, the proceeds will be paid until the end of that term.

Accidental Death. You may be in an occupation that has a high risk of death by accident.
Or, your health may not be good and you cannot buy term or whole life cover.
In these cases, accidental death cover is your answer. It will cover you for death by accident, that cannot be traced back to your medical condition.
Again, it is term cover, normally until age 65.

Last Survivor Benefit will pay a tax-free cash lump sum on the death of the last survivor of two insured lives. Great for estate planning, especially for married couples who leave their estates to each other. In addition, no premiums are paid after the first death.

Term life cover is a cost effective way of buying cover. You choose how long you wish to have the cover, allowing you to adapt your cover to your needs. At the end of the time, the policy ends.

Level Term cover is an amount of cover that does not increase and where the premium remains the same. You know exactly what you will be paying for cover at all times.
It is ideal for Bond protection as your bond should actually reduce over time and generally has a 20-year term. So, you know what your premium will be - always.

You do NOT have to buy bond cover from your bank.
If you shop around, you can often get a better deal.

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accidentEARNING ABILITY (Disability cover)

There are 2 major forms of disability cover;

So you can insure for a loss in ability to work or a disability not at all related to your job - OR BOTH!
And you can ensure your life cover is unaffected by a disability claim!
You can have cover for life!

If you are medically uninsurable, I can still cover you for a Disability as a result of an accident.
No medical exam is required!

You can insure for either;

A Tax-free Lump Sum cash or

A Monthly Income - the definitive form of disability cover!
It protects you against a temporary or permanent loss of income as a result of a bodily injury or illness.
It can cover certain business expenses as well.

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new dread diseaseLIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENT (Dread Disease cover)

Makes provision for lifestyle adjustments, treatment and possible loss of income as a result of a dread disease.
Pays a tax-free lump sum on diagnosis of a condition.

Now you can have cover for both Disability and Dread Disease all in one benefit!
That's a real cost saver!

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Ever worry about your financial security should you be retrenched?
Well worry no longer!This benefit will pay you cash should you be retrenched.

  • Money to help pay your monthly expenses and give you peace of mind.
  • No medical tests required!
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    new child education feesCHILD EDUCATION BENEFIT

    What if something happened to you and you could no longer afford your child's education fees? Well here's the answer...

    This benefit will provide the money to cover your child's future education costs.
    Or if they don't study further, provide cash for other needs.

    But, what's more, your FULL PREMIUMS PAID ARE RETURNED!!
    Yes, if you don't claim, your premiums are refunded!
    Use that money to pay for their gap year, or a car or whatever.

    The benefit is virtually free - WHY ON EARTH DON'T YOU TAKE IT!

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    What if you need to increase your cover in the future, but can't because of a life-changing event having happened to you?
    Well, you can use your good health today to secure additional life, disability and dread disease cover in the future!

    Never again worry that you may be unable to increase your cover in the future!

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    Make your policy pay your premiums upon a claim!
    Protect your vital benefits in the future.

    new child education feesSAVINGS

    Perhaps you want to get a cash sum in the future?
    If so, you can add a savings portion to your life insurance.

    Get cash back from your life policy!

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    Yes, now you can get a refund of some of your premiums!


    Cover that offers instant cash to pay for expenses that occur upon your death.

    new retirement annuityRETIREMENT BENEFIT

    You know how important saving for your retirement is.
    If you don't do it, no one else will!Now you can save through your life policy - what could be easier?

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    Do you follow a healthy lifestyle? Then get rewarded for it!

    Now can YOU honestly say YOU don't need Life Insurance?

    Can YOU say your current Life Insurance has the same benefits as this policy?

    You also qualify for FREE services like:

    What would you do if your domestic employee should die?
    Who will assist with getting her body back home?
    What are your legal obligations?
    Well, with this free benefit, all of this is taken care of - even repatriation of her body to her home!
    This is an example of just how comprehensive this free cover is!

    And if you have cover, can you truly say it offers all these benefits?


    Don't leave your concern here. email me for advice - no obligation!
    Especially if you are interested in Life Insurance.

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