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Your medical aid should cover your medical costs, but it will not replace your income !
The long-term financial impact of not being able to work because of serious illness or injury can be significant.

Your greatest asset is surely your ability to work and earn an income.

Suffering long-term sickness or accident will prevent you from earning an income, financially crippling you and making you dependent upon others.

Create your own financial fortress and protect your income earning ability!

This insurance provides income if you are unable to continue working and comes in many forms, so it's important to understand exactly what you might be buying.
While you want value for money, make sure you fully understand the benefits of each policy before you take one out!

There are 3 forms of cover, own occupation disability, total disability and impairment benefits and it is important that you understand what threat each definition holds for you.

Occupational definitions can range from being unable to perform your specific occupation, for example, as a neurosurgeon, to being unable to perform any occupation at all. This is vital to understand as many companies define disability differently.

  1. Own occupational disability - arises from bodily injury, illness, disease or surgical operation resulting in you being totally and permanently disabled and incapable of performing your current occupation’s duties, or the duties of another suitable occupation. It takes into account your education, previous training, abilities and work experience.

  2. Total disability arises from bodily injury, illness, disease or surgical operation leaving a member continuously and wholly incapable of engaging in any occupation for remuneration or profit.

  3. Impairment implies a physical or functional disorder - such as the loss of a limb - that is not linked to the ability to earn an income. Impairment benefits are just as important as disability benefits because they provide cover against unexpected expenses.

    Impairment benefits are just as important as disability benefits because they provide cover against unexpected expenses.
    An example would be a computer programmer who suffers partial paralysis. You could still work as a programmer, but may need a wheelchair and cannot drive a car?
    You would be able to claim from an Impairment Benefit.

    This kind of cover is equally as important for those who don't have dependents because it enables them to remain financially independent, maintaining their dignity and self-sufficiency. It is very difficult for those with physically demanding occupations - such as professional athletes, builders and plumbers - to get disability cover, because they present an above average risk to insurers.

    This is where impairment benefits are important because they allow clients to insure their lifestyle and are linked to the ability to perform Daily Activities rather than the ability to perform a specific occupation.

These benefits provide cover for temporary or permanent incapacity resulting from accident or disease and is payable in two different ways:a lump sum - where the disability must be permanent.Or a monthly income payment, paid for the term of the policy, where the disability can be either temporary or permanent.

1. Lump Sum Capital Disability

A claim will be paid if you suffer a qualifying disability (in terms of the policy definitions). It must be a permanent disability to qualify and is paid as a tax-free lump sum, which you then invest to provide your income.

A waiting period of 6-months applies.

You can elect to have a disability payment paid from your life cover fund. Any amount paid will reduce your life cover, by that amount.
This is the lowest cost way to provide disability cover.

2. An Income Replacement plan

This is likely to be the most cost effective solution when your real need is for replacement of income.
(Lump Sum benefits, on the other hand, are better suited to settling debt and for various business assurance applications.)

Lump Sum Disability OR Income Protection OR PREFERABLY A MIX OF BOTH...

Lump SumIncome Replacement
You have the risk to invest and create an income. Claim payment will closely match your salary.
You have to account for inflation and make your money last.Payments keep pace with inflation.
Only permanent disability.Temporary Disability is covered and most claims are for this type of disability.
Has nothing to do with loss of income, so can pay even if you are disabled and can still work.Only pays on loss of income.
Can settle debts with lump sum payments.Monthly income only.
Continues after your death to support your family.Ceases with death.

It is highly recommended you consider a mix of both types of insurance and I can offer you a Comprehensive Impairment, total and irreversible Occupational Disability and a monthly Income Benefit - all in one very affordable policy!

insuranceEveryone who has a job should get insurance protection. There are very few jobs for South Africans who become disabled.
The cost of insurance is way less important than becoming permanently disabled - as that WILL COST YOU YOUR JOB!

Why take the risk that you can lose your home, your car, your children's education plans and so much more - if you cannot work.


We live in a particularly violent country. And that puts you at a much higher risk of suffering a life-changing event than people in most other countries.

If you don't consider this very real threat to both yourself and your loved ones, there may be no one you can rely on if something does happen.
Please don't let that happen!

For a small monthly amount, you can make sure that you won't be left financially ruined should you be unable to earn an income through illness or injury.

You will be quite surprised at how little it will cost to secure your financial future.Contact me NOW, to see how little it will cost to protect your biggest asset - your income.

quote I want a quote.

PS. Think you don't need disability cover? Then why do you carry a spare tyre in your car?
It is the same thinking - an insurance against something going wrong.

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I have been in the insurance business for over 20 years and have seen the tremendous benefit that disability cover provides for people who have lost their ability to earn an income.
I have seen the huge difference that money has made to the lives of those affected.

It is possibly more important than life insurance.

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What if a disability STOPS your income?

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