Plan and Protect Your Estate. What you need to know and do.

Estate planFirst ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen? Then prepare to accept it. Then proceed to improve on the worst.
Dale Carnegie.

Are you aware of the impact CGT will have on your estate?
And this is just one of the expenses your estate will have to pay BEFORE your heirs receive anything!

Very few people have more than a vague idea of the actual size of their estates.
As the years pass, they build up their assets and provide for their families, but no proper arrangements are made to see that the right people benefit and that the family does not suffer financially, when something happens.

My ESTATE PLANNING analysis addresses the cumulative effect of all the expenses due on your death.

The hidden costs of dying.

Even if no estate duty is levied, CGT - bond settlement - rates - death-bed costs - transfer costs - executor and administration fees - funeral costs and Master's fees are some costs that your estate must meet.
In addition, income tax - debts - overdrafts - credit cards - HP and lease - and security cession upgrading costs may arise.
All before your heirs receive a cent!


Estate Planning Objectives.

ESTATE PLANNING is often confused with death planning. However, estate planning is about:

Effective Estate Planning requires an expert approach. Developing the best possible estate plan for you requires the right combination of experience, knowledge and innovation.

My Estate Planning process consists of:

The implementation of your plan.

Through the use of Legal Entities you could;

These entities include Inter Vivos Trusts, Close Corporations, Private Companies or a combination of these.
My Estate Planning service will provide you with access to these entities both locally and offshore.

Your Will
Even the most carefully structured estate plan will fail without a properly drafted will.
An up to date, valid, signed will, is an integral part of your estate plan.
It will ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes without unnecessary delays, thereby ensuring your peace of mind.
After all it is probably the most important document you will ever sign!>

What Estate Planning can do for you

In order to be truly effective in combating the vagaries of wealth erosion, your estate plan should:

If your current approach to managing your estate falls short of any of these aspects, or if you have yet to undertake proper estate planning, now is the time to talk.

Estate plan
Like most people you may think estate planning only requires a will, but it encompasses much more!

What is really involved?

Your estate plan depends upon your circumstances. Your goals and wishes are your priority, along with the ongoing security of your family. Major questions must be answered, such as;

Grieving for survivors is a natural process, but you can help with these emotions through advanced estate planning.
Remember, death is not the only event to plan for - illness or disability can be equally devastating.
If you have the correct instructions in place, both your and your family's future is secure.

Who should help me with my estate plan?

Use ME. You need a professional with experience in this field. And your attorney and accountant need to be involved as well. Most of us lose sight of our middle to long-term goals.
A structured action plan will help you track your financial activities towards the real, final goal, a comfortable retirement!

Estate planning will ensure that your family will not suffer financial hardship on your death.
Sufficient capital in your estate is crucial for your loved ones and it will prevent them having to sell your home to fund taxes and your liabilities.
You can ensure the continuity of your business and the resultant, lifelong financial support for your family.
Estate planning ensures that the complex nature of assets and the unique laws of transfer of these assets are addressed, protecting your heirs.

Now ask yourself - Is my Estate Liquid?


I offer a comprehensive Estate Planning analysis. It takes a great deal of time to fully cover all the options open to you and as such I charge a fee, depending on the complexity of your situation.
Should you place any investments through me, as a result of the analysis, I will happily negotiate the fee.

A second opinion costs nothing yet without it, may cost you everything!

Don't be caught dead without estate planning!

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