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create pensionCreate a Regular Income in Retirement by Investing a Pension at low risk.

Get the income you need with low risk.
Grow your capital and get a guaranteed, regular pension.

There are only two things that can produce income - people at work and capital at work.
Once you retire, your precious pension needs to work for you and the only way to effectively control this, is through an Pension Income Plan.

Creating an Income in Retirement.

Most retirees face the same problem; how to create an income whilst, at the same time, protecting and growing their capital.
Your income uses the money you would ordinarily use to grow your capital. And growing money requires that you take some risk - quite the opposite to protecting your capital!
What you really need to do is to create the right amount of income and invest your capital in products that are secure and offer flexibility to move with both your and market circumstances. Truly a fine balance!

You don't know how long you (or your spouse) will live, whether the market trend will be up or down, or what the rate of inflation will be.

But the chances are high that you will be retired for a long time - probably 25 years or more!

That's a long time to live without a salary! You MUST ensure that the strategy you follow is sound - from the beginning.
There are many investments to choose from, some simple; some complex. Each has it's place and your difficulty is to decide which is best for you.
You need to consider tax, inflation, CGT, risk, diversification, liquidity, and your inheritance wishes.

YOU REALLY NEED PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. You need someone who will partner you through this minefield.

My strategy, used with many happy retirees, will provide you with an inflation proof income, whilst - at the same time, give you the potential to grow your capital.

It allows you to reduce the risk you face when trying to secure the highest return for your money.
Once you secure your income, you will have the peace of mind to invest your remaining money - taking advantage of potential market growth.

It uses vehicles from Annuities to Unit Trusts.
In fact, whatever suits your needs. After all it's your future that we need to secure!
I have an excellent presentation on this strategy, for you to consider.

Are you looking for someone to partner you and not just take the money away and give it to some institution to manage on your behalf?

Please don't come to me to help make you rich; come to me to help you keep from being poor!

My goal as a Financial Life Planner is not to outperform other advisors, but to help make sure that you have the right income which you won't outlive.
I am here to assist you in many other areas of your retirement. Someone you can trust to run your ideas by. Whether they are investment ideas or new career opportunities or anything in between.
A partnership you can rely on - for without you, where would I be?

create safe pensionA professionally designed Retirement Income Plan will address the key challenges you will face throughout your retirement years. This plan gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your retirement!
It will provide a GUARANTEED lifetime income (for your spouse or dependants as well).

It will give you excellent INCOME TAX ADVANTAGES.

You have limited capital from which to generate the Right Income and at the same time grow your capital. It is vital to create the correct mix of investments, not easy with all the advice out there!
You need to be conservative in your approach, yet growth comes with risk.

So what do you do?

Here are some guidelines to consider;

Everyone has a different vision of retirement.
You may be planning to travel the world, volunteer in your community, study Sanskrit, or perfect your golf swing.
But the one thing you don't want to do is waste time worrying about your money!

After all is said and done, what we want most during retirement is flexibility, comfort and control.
We want to go to sleep at night knowing that we will be able to maintain the kind of retirement we were hoping and planning for.
If you dig beneath the surface, you will find over and over again that what people really want to do is spend the right amount.
Ultima, people want peace of mind during retirement.
And peace of mind comes from knowing the right amount, and knowing how to maintain it, using the flexibility, comfort and control that comes from a well-built, well-navigated financial plan.

create income pension

My view on retirement?
I want to wake up in the morning with nothing to do, and by bedtime, have only half of it done!

PLEASE CONTACT ME for a no-nonsense, free and objective look at creating income in your retirement.

A second opinion cost you nothing, yet without it may cost you dearly!

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income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability STOPS your income?

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