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life insuranceDo you need cheap, low premium Life Insurance?
How much life insurance do you really need and are you are getting the best deal?
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You know how important life insurance is, especially if you have someone who relies upon you for a living.
What will they do if you can no longer provide for them?

The major causes of death are heart disease and strokes, cancer and trauma (accidents and crime).
Trauma claims show that the need for life cover is not age dependent.
Death can strike at any time with a significant impact on the lifestyle of your loved ones.
It is a sad fact that most families will not be able to maintain their standard of living after the death or disability of the breadwinner. And only because very few will have taken out any, or sufficient life insurance!
Such an easy thing to prevent.

Life is precious, so protect your family and your most valuable asset you and your ability to earn an income!

If you are single, you need salary protection cover.
What will you do if you are no longer able to earn a living-through an illness or disability?
Who will look after you? Maybe for the rest of your life!
So at least you must have salary protection cover.

Given these direct threats to you and your family, why have you delayed getting Life Insurance and Disability cover?

Maybe you don't know:

How much life cover you should have?
As a minimum, you should have 6 times your annual salary as cover.
If you earn R 200, 000 a year, you should have a life insurance policy for at least R 1,200, 000.
And salary protection for at least R 12,000

Not having enough life cover is just as dangerous as having no life insurance at all.

How much it will cost?
Life assurance should be based on your personal circumstances at a particular stage of your life - not the premium.
When you are young and have dependants, you need cover mainly to support your family if something should happen to you.
When you are older and richer, you may need life assurance to cover estate duty and capital gains tax when pass.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favour... get a quote now.

Your FAST life insurance quote.

Life insurance premiums are determined using:

You can get cover for as little as R 150 per month, depending on your individual details.
For less than the cost of a coffee a day, you can secure your family's financial future if you are not here.

How it is paid out?
You can have it paid as a tax-free lump sum to a beneficiary.
And if that beneficiary cannot control money, you can have it paid as a monthly amount, just as though you were alive and providing your salary to them.
Or you can have it paid into a trust, where trustees control the money and payments.

What medical tests are called for?
In most cases a simple blood test is required and I can send a qualified nurse to see you in privacy.
It is all paid for by the insurance company. Obviously, all results are highly confidential.

If you are still concerned about life insurance medicals, you can always look at Accidental Life Insurance cover, because there are no medical tests with this policy!
And 55% of claims are due accidents, so it is not a waste of time to consider this cover.


cash back from your life insurance CASH BACK...Be careful choosing life insurance that offers you cash back or retirement proceeds.
Not only will you pay higher premiums, after all it is your money that pays for the future cash, not the insurance company, but your life insurance risks change over time and you may well find that policy is so expensive in your later years that you cancel it and lose out.
And, on a claim, the cash value is NOT added to the sum assured of the policy!

I can show you a series of products provide comprehensive cover against a wide range of risks.
You can tailor your cover to suit your individual needs and circumstances at your different life stages.
Protect your family's lifestyle should you pass away.


Protect your financial future should you be unable to work as a result of a disability or illness.

People buy life insurance, not because they may die, but because their income will die.


compcare quoteGet the Best, Cheap, Affordable, Low Premium Life Insurance Policy.

Disability insurance

Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset. You MUST make sure that it will not stop if you cannot work.
The policy pays out either a monthly income and/or a cash lump sum if you are disabled and unable to earn an income.
This can be more important than life cover for a single person!

Dread Disease insurance

Pays out if you suffer from a listed dread diseases, such as heart disease, a stroke or cancer.

With the advancements in medical care, we have a high chance of surviving a dread disease. But, at what cost?
Your medical aid may pay the hospital bills, but what about all the other costs?
How long will your employer pay your sick leave?
If you are self-employed, how will you meet your bills over a long-term illness?
This cover is really important once you retire, as it also meets your disability cover risk!

Risks not worth taking.

If you have policies older than two years, you should consider new forms of cover.
Otherwise you could be loosing out on the competitive edge these products offer.

Reconsider your older policies.

Shop around when you are buying life insurance or reviewing your current cover.
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