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Affordable Premium Medical Aid plans in Explained.
How to choose the best, cheap medical aid in South Africa.

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Choosing the Best Medical Aid can be complicated and expensiveespecially if you make a mistake!

This guide will help you choose the best, cheap, affordable premium plan - get ideas and advice on what you should look out for.

Most medical schemes will increase contributions by 8% or more going into 2018.
That means a comprehensive plan for a single member from say Discovery Health, is going to cost around R 4,500 pm! And for a family of four around R 10,500 pm!
That's really over-the-top!



The more benefits your plan has, the higher the premium. Simple.
So if you are happy to join a plan that does not have all the "bells and whistles", you can save considerable money! (Like a hospital plan).

Why not buy into the best PRIVATE HOSPITAL PLAN ONLY plan and pay your out of hospital costs yourself?
It really is not such a risk!I have never heard of a chemist account causing a bankruptcy!
Not only will you address your highest medical financial risk, but you control your savings and have access to the money when you need it!

Take the "saving" of premium over what a comprehensive plan will cost you and save that yourself. Why?
Well it is really the same as what you do in a comprehensive plan.
The only difference is that a medical scheme will give you credit for the year up front in your savings, whilst your own savings takes time to grow.
BUT, that money is yours. You can use it as you wish.

You cannot do that with savings inside a medical aid!

You can't use money in a savings account as you wish. You can't get to it for holidays or for your retirement.
In fact, you can only get it 6-months after you leave the scheme! Yet it is yours.
You saved it as part of your monthly contribution. Is that fair?

And they only pay you bank interest on your savings. Surely you could do better with your savings?
Of course you can!

Here's what you should do... JOIN THE BEST PRIVATE HOSPITAL PLAN

(Single around R 1,500 pm. Family R 3,800 pm)

Add a Top Up/Gap plan to it for around R 260 pm.

Take the difference in premium that you would have been paying (or any amount you feel comfortable saving) and save that yourself in a bank savings until you have an amount -
say equal what you spent out of hospital last year - that you feel is enough.

Then invest that into a unit trust.
You'll have an investment you can use for future dreams and goals, again that you can get to at any time!

Go even better and save your money into your access type bond - if you have one.
Now you are cooking! The power of compound interest really works for you if you pay more off against your home loan than you have to.
That's serious savings over the longer term!

money affordable premiumYou have a no overall annual limit, in any private hospital plan, with no shortfalls and co-payments!
You have an emergency fund that you can instantly pay medical costs with.
You have a unit trust investment with all those attractions like paying kids education fees, or a deposit on a new car, or best of all, a retirement saving!
All for the cost of that comprehensive plan.


How about a plan that offers unlimited network private hospital cover, guaranteed full cover for network in-hospital specialists, chronic medicine, unlimited network GP consultations,
a list of defined acute medicines, a dental check and an eye test, all with a small co-payment?

It also offers specific sports-related injury benefits!

Premium from: single R 1,535 pm and a Family R 3,968 pm
Add a Top Up/Gap plan to it for around R 260 pm.

You have the best Discovery Health plan, with excellent in-hospital cover and day-to-day benefits that address most of the out of hospital risks you face and a substantially lower monthly premium!


Next idea...downgrade your current plan or choose a plan that has a trade off certain restrictions you meet for a lower premium.
Look at a plan that uses networks of private hospitals and day-to-day providers.
If you accept this, you get a discounted premium.
And still have private hospital plan and mostly unlimited day-to-day benefits (chances are your GP is already on a network).

Premium from: single R 2,323 pm and a Family R 5,937 pm
Add a Top Up/Gap plan to it for around R 260 pm.

You have the best plan that requires you to use certain private hospitals, outside of an emergency and funds for any out of hospital provider you wish to use.

Last, you can consider an income-related, network provider plan.
Although the benefit are limited, you do get no overall annual limit, life threatening and life sustaining in private hospital cover.
And medical costs from car accidents to cancer are covered.
Discovery Health has the KeyCare Plus plan, the largest plan in South Africa!
That must mean something!

Premiums are based upon your gross income and range from:
Single from R 914 pm to R 1,906 pm and a Family from R 2,490 pm to R 4,832 pm

There are many medical aids out there for you to consider, BUT the chances are if you start to investigate them you will get very confused.
Contact me for help!

Let's investigate where you are today and discover some options to you.
Believe me, your medical aid is going to cost a fortune next year!

I don't charge an added fee for members we assist!
You will pay the same as you would if you went direct to the medical aid.
I have a team in each medical aid, there to assist my members always!
And we can assist you with all aspects of your financial life, from life insurance to retirement plans.
Education plans, unit trusts and other investments.

All I ask is that you appoint my brokerage to your plan.

Please try us.

Compare your scheme to these ones! Or get a quote on these schemes!


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COMPCARE STUDENT MEDICAL AID- the healthiest open medical scheme for affordability and benefits offered and the most likely to be recommended by healthcare consultants!

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MOMENTUM HEALTH - Your health is Your Wealth!

MOMENTUM STUDENT MEDICAL AID - Buy The Best, Affordable, Low Premium Medical Aid for Students.

MEDSHIELD - mostly traditional plans with defined benefits!

RESOLUTION HEALTH- Superb benefits at a reasonable cost!









TOP UP PLAN - Buy a lower cost medical aid and Boost your Benefits!

Use my services. As an independent medical aid adviser, I promote many companies and can find the best plan to suit your needs.
I am accredited with the Council of Medical Schemes and am in a position to give you comprehensive advice.

The last thing you need is a financial shortfall when you are trying to recover!

JOIN a MEDICAL AID? email me for advice - no obligation!
Especially if you are considering buying Medical Aid.

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